Hosting products

Create a sleek and responsive web presence with our Sitebuilder TOOL Premium. Newest user technology and state-of-the-art features reduce your own effort down to what really counts - simply a nice website. Including website wizard for a step-by-step introduction, a beautiful selection of design themes, pre-configured content-blocks and SSL-certificate to protect your website.

CHF 165.00

annual fee, including VAT

WEB Swiss Simply easier to the successful website

WEB Swiss is the ideal, ultra-fast web hosting with Swiss server location. The hosting package comes with 1-click installation of all common content management systems (CMS), 24/7 availability, scheduled backups/snapshots and processes DDoS protection and ServerCache.

CHF 129.00

annual fee, including VAT

A ready-to-fill Premium WordPress theme equipped with some of WordPress’ most-wanted Plugins. All you have to do, is to fill in your own content and select the Plugins you wish to utilize. We will install your website on your domain and take care of the technical maintenance like backups, plugins and security updates. Including SSL-certificate to protect your website.

CHF 430.00

annual fee, including VAT

A personalized email address with your domain. Including storage space, email aliases, forwarding and autoreply, spam and virus protection. Server location Switzerland.

CHF 59.00

annual fee, including VAT

Professional e-mail hosting with Hosted Exchange

HEX is a comprehensive email solution with Microsoft Outlook features i.e. real-time synchronization of mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. Access and manage your data from multiple devices and at any time without having to maintain an own server structure. Highly secured data exchange through Swiss server location.

HexPackage Quantity
HEX Mailbox 25GB (CHF 180.00 annual fee, including VAT)
HEX Mailbox LIGHT (CHF 60.00 annual fee, including VAT)

MicrosoftOultookLicenses Quantity
Microsoft Outlook Licence (CHF 36.00 annual fee, including VAT)

Microsoft Office 365 Licence including installation and support


Professional email and groupware solution with Microsoft's best-in-class apps and solutions e.g. OneDrive, Teams, Sharepoint and Office Applications e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. Safe data exchange and storage through secured Cloud-Location in Switzerland.

smart@work Quantity
smart@work (Microsoft Office 365) (CHF 348.00 annual fee, including VAT)